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Scorpion Queen January 28, 2010

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I am loving Panama– Cerro Azul to be exact is an amazing mountain sanctuary in the jungle. I actually caught a SCORPION by myself this morning. I’d like to say I was very brave but the truth is, there was lots of girly squealing! I am here studying with raw food guru Dr Aris Latham at his new spot. It has been a great so far hearing his story is inspiring and the man can work his way around the kitchen! He also has an extensive library with over 10,000 books. I should know I helped unpack all of them and put them on their shelves. I was in HEAVEN being a serious librophile. I think I have a future as a librarian!I am currently skimming several books and committed to reading four: on by ram das, Gabriel cousens, krishnamurti and the poisonwood bible.

This place is incredible!! I swim in the river daily -sometimes with a suit ;O There is nooooo one around its just me and the butterflies. I went for a run in the warm rain this afternoon and stopped for an impromptu dance party in the middle of the jungle. Footloose requires a little high knee wild arm action. Singing and dancing in the rain in the middle of the jungle I am so lucky to be alive.

I have to say I am completely spoiled with all of this great fresh fruit and all of these heavy hitting appliances I have yet to purchase ie Excalibur and Vitamix. I am seriously in love! The Excalibur is my #1 When I get home the Craigslist American Harvest I bought on a whim last year is getting the heave ho! Sorry baby, its been fun but I have bigger fish to fry….. Er crackers to dehydrate?

a feast of pizza, high green salad and curry plantains

friends feasting


I have all kinds of great ideas that are literally bursting from my brain I am just trying to keep up. I am really excited to take all of this sunfired knowledge back home with me…. eventually.

Until then, there is more traveling to be done. I am soaking up this easeful vibe and getting ready to depart in a couple of weeks to travel around panama and possibly costa rica and who knows where else. I am also thinking of going to Vilacamba Ecuador for the raw food gathering in April. I know I said I’d be home but I get out here and I just can’t bear the idea of returning to the frigid northeast. If anyone wants to join me I’d love it! Memere that includes you! Surfing, snorkeling and much beach bumming are on the itinerary. My girl Kaffka should be joining me soon to hit up Bocas and CARNIVAL!

As my time with Aris dwindles, I will be looking forward to finding ingenious ways to live the raw lifestyle on the road. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I never thought I’d say this but it may get old eating coconut and mango every day. Thanks to Aris and his mostly fruitarian lifestyle, I am not too worried about eating only fruit since that is what we do from 5am-12 here. No problemo. Although, I have to admit, sometimes a girl needs a big ol nut burger!!


ALYSSA IS ALIVE! January 23, 2010

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Welcome to my blog dedicated to all things living!!! 

This blog is written in the spirit of embracing life.  I am thoroughly enjoying my newest adventure of living foods and lively travel !!

Living fully is about accepting every experience with grace and meeting all that we encounter with a kind smile and loving heart. 

Smile Big!!