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Dominical Days June 12, 2010

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tree pose

After a long sweaty bus ride, I was so excited to arrive back at the beach after being away from the ocean for so long– well a week feels like a long time like being away from someone you love deeply. I am realizing how much the ocean feeds my energy. Definitely something to think about as I am considering long term options. Just walking through town it was so mellow and tranquillo. I came to Dominical last year nad loved it. It was so nice to be in a familiar place and know my way around the three streets.

I found the hostel where Jude, Natalie and I had all agreed to meet. I checked in and got the last room SCORE! I found Jude and we went directly to the beach I was so hot and gross from the looong bus ride I could barely speak until I got in the water to cool off. I met Jude’s friends and we chilled out in the shade. In Dominical the beach is empty in the afternoons because it is LITERALLY scorching hot. You can burn your tootsies on the host sand if you aren’t careful. As Jude and I were catching up we saw Natalie arrive which was a surprise because I didn’t know when to expect her. It was fun to have a little crew of familiar faces in a familiar place. Jude had also met some really great people and it was a fun chill group.

The hostel was nice there were free surf boards and the rooms were very basic. I spent about a week in Dominical last year and had a great time visiting all of my favorite spots and some new favorites. Café Ensueno is always great this year they had delicious smoothies which were more like icecream. I found myself wondering if she had them last year and I just was more interested in coffee drinks than smoothies. The beet juice smoothie with mango and banana quickly became my signature smoothie and by the end of the week they had my order down.

The first day there Natalie and I saw a sign for capoeira workshop and decided to give it a shot. I had been wanting to try it for a while and now seemed like a great opportunity.

It was the most AMAZING and challenging workout. It was so much fun. I think I will be looking into training when I get back to the states. At the workshop we met the AMAZING Melissa and FANTASTIC Jesse Chapman. These two had such a beautiful stable, peaceful energy and I was immediately drawn to them. I wish I had more time to get to know them but I have a feeling I will see them again. Melissa shared that there is a pretty big raw community in the Dominical area which is great to know. After our super sweaty workout we grabbed some smoothies and headed to the beach to watch the sunset. That is my FAVORITE thing about the pacific coast. Everyday at sunset everyone converges on the beach and it is surprisingly quiet. It is a time of day for peace and reverence.

Dominical sunset

Natalie and I also decided to attend a kirtan at Bamboo Yoga Studio http://bambooyogaplay.com. I was very excited because the Kirtan I attend in Burlington Vermont is such a source of positive energy and regeneration for me. We invited the others from the hostel and to my surprise Jude was into it. He didn’t really ask many questions about it and was totally openminded which impressed me to no end. A very interesting guy that Jude. It is a truly beautiful thing when people are open to all experiences. We went the Kirtan it was both Natalie and Jude’s first time and it was a lovely experience. After the Kirtan, Sophia, the owner of the studio, set up her yoga swing so I could try it. SO MUCH FUN! It was an amazing release for the back. Then of course Jude jumped on as well. Check it out!

It was great fun to be around people with such beautiful, fun, flowing energy.

While in Dominical I got to surf quite a bit. Much to my dismay I was not good. It took me three days to get my sea legs back which was beyond frustrating to me. I woke up every day at 7 to get out and get a couple of hours in before the waves flattened out. I had a little routine of yoga, meditation and surfing a blissful way to start the day.
I even gave Natalie her first meditation training. We had an amazing talk about attachment and letting go of self/ego. It was hilarious because every time we were ready to begin the meditation there was an interruption a couple from Holland kept coming over to ask us questions about Dominical and then Ryan (one of our friends) came over and chatted with us for a while. It was a great concrete example of releasing attachment to outcome. I love talking with Natalie about the ideas I have been opening up to over the past year and the ideas she‘s been exploring. It was so nice having those conversations and I just soaked up every moment of it. I truly feel that there is something happening in the world right now where people are starting to wake up to different ways of thinking and living. Such an exciting time!!!


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  1. Cool article. Glad you had a blast while in our neck of the woods. I’ve got a personal blog about my life and experiences while living in the area of Dominical.


    Pura vida!

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