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Where the Chaga tea flows like wine October 8, 2010

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What would make an otherwise rational woman get up at four thirty am on a Sunday to drive three hours through the rain and fog?

For a day chock full of workshops, healing, generosity and kindred spirits.

When I arrived at the Northeast Healer’s Symposium, I was immediately taken by the beauty of the location. There were ponds, lots of little nooks perfect for meditation, trails and a living roof! Dreaming Mountain in Johnson Vt is a gorgeous place to retreat to gain some rest and relaxation. My copilot and I were greeted by our host, the mastermind behind the Healer’s Symposium, the uber hospitable Joshua Pfiel.

The first workshop was presented by Ross Conrad the natural beekeeping extraordinaire. Ross is clearly a man who has followed his path. He had a calm, peaceful energy that comes with knowing you are exactly where you belong. We learned about the benefits of propolis and be pollen– amazing stuff. All that beeeeautiful (sorry couldn’t resist) info will be added to my bag o tricks. Ross also talked about the benefits of bee sting therapy and demonstrated. It was areal treat to observe as one woman received bee stings for knee pain. It was fascinating!!

There were workshops on Reiki, sound healing, medicinal mushrooms, breath work and of course everything you ever wanted to know about healing power of bees. The presenters were amazing! I especially enjoyed the sound healing workshop as Eileen McKusick shared her work on some ground breaking developments in her field.

Showing gratitude for our meal


All of the workshops were incredible but for me, the most amazing and healing part of the symposium was Joshua himself. His warm, inviting air and generous spirit was completely free of self interest. He truly wanted to share this information and was literally giving it away. The dining table offered food all day long chaga tea was a brewin, a big bowl of gogi berries, dates and apples, chlorella (incase anyone wanted to chelate 🙂 and many different raw cheeses, delicious salads, Joshua’s signature hot sauce and many more delicacies are slipping my mind. Spending the day there made my spirit soar and it also caused me to consider the differences between generosity and giving.

In the raw food community, and life in general, I have come across many people who give but are not sincerely generous. I have also come across a few incredibly generous souls who are so confident in their place on this earth that they are able to stand firmly and share without fear. On this day, I considered why it felt so different. I realized that giving is often in hopes of eventually getting. Giving only to those deemed worthy or follow certain rules is not generosity. Giving and then taking away is not generosity. It is a tricky nuance that I have always felt but could never put into words until now. Giving can be motivated by many things: the need to be liked, the need to be in control, the need to be needed and a hundred other possibilities. Giving often includes strings. Give is often followed by take.

But generosity……. Generosity has one motive and that is to share our gifts, love and abundance of spirit. True generosity comes from our innermost being and asks nothing in return. Generosity is not concerned with what will be given in return. Generosity is a fountain that continually offers itself without thought of if the water will run dry. Generosity recognizes abundance. The beautiful thing is that true generosity of spirit inspires generosity in return.

I strive to be generous with my love, my heart, my knowledge and my resources. I am expressing gratitude to the universe for giving me such wonderful examples of both giving and generosity allowing me to appreciate the difference and choose for myself.


2 Responses to “Where the Chaga tea flows like wine”

  1. Bridget Schirripa Says:

    Sounds like a beautiful day..wish I was there to experience it with you!! Keep embracing those good vibes..

  2. awarenivore Says:

    I so so so so wish I could have been there. I am sorry for not supporting you, Josh! things just did not come together.

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